Hunting Information

Important information

You must declare your gun and bring a copy of the "Proof of Ownership". All firearms must be declared at the Immigration Bureau. The Immigration Bureau will issue a 6-week permit free of charge. Apply for temporary weapons imports before departure to South Africa. You will need a copy of the SAP520 Temporary firearm import application. This form must be filled in black ink and unsigned until the document is completed in front of the Police Officer issuing the actual permit at the airport.

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What to bring

Required along with the SAP520, will be the following

  • Passport
  • Airline Ticket
  • Proof of Ownership i.e Firearm Licence ect.

(Please make sure you have Proof of Ownership with a Customs Declaration Letter of the Country of origin.)

  • Letter of Invitation from Thandeka Safaris

(This will be forwarded to you once the deposit for your Safaris has been paid.)

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• Sunglasses
• Binoculars
• Insect Repellent
• Sunscreen Lotion
• Camera (Film and Memory Card)
• Medication (Asprin, Anti-Diarrea ect)
• Items such as a small Torch and an Adaptor/Converter can be useful

(In South Africa, we use 3 pronged round hole plugs usually 220V)


• Neutral color (Khaki, or green, Hunting Clothes)
• Warm Jackets as it can be very cold in the Mornings, warmer up to 80F by Midday
• Hunting Boots
• Sneakers for Camp
• Pants (Long and Short)
• Rain Gear (Optional)
• Shirts (Long and Short Sleeves)
• Hat (Wide Brimmed Hats are the best- to protect the Neck and Ears)

Firearms and Ammunition

Choice of Firearms is largely up to the client's preference. In Hunting Plains Game in South Africa, the shooting distance varies from 80 to 300 yards, medium Calibre Rifles with Premium Grade Ammunition are advised to have a good quality Scope and zeroed in at 200 yards. 80 Rounds should be enough for an average 10 Day Safari.


• Airline Tickets
• Passport/Visa
• Internation Health Certificates
• Traveler's Checks and Cash
• Custom Registration of Firearms
• Copy of CITES Permit
• Taxidermist Shipping Address/Tags

Wing shooting

Although Thandeka Safaris does not specialize in Bird Hunting, we do offer Wing Shooting to our clients as part of their safari.

Only a limited number of the following Bird species are available for Hunting from May through September.



Guinea fowl

*We can arrange it at another concession

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High Expectations


All bedrooms at Thandeka Safaris have ensuite facilities with Queen Size and Twin Single Beds available to ensure comfortable living.

After a long day of Hunting, you can relax and share stories around an inviting open fire in the Boma, or grab a drink at the bar. Afterward, you can sit down for a delightful dinner in our Dining Room.

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